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Why you should not be putting off your pet photography session – Canberra Pet Photographer

Do you remember when your first brought home your new puppy or kitten?  It feels like you have all the time in the world.

It is amazing how time just gets away.

While many of us want to have professional photos taken of our pets, we just do not get around to doing it for a how raft of reasons, both genuine and some just an excuse.  Nine times out of ten we end up regretting the decision not to have your professional pet photography session take place.  But you have hundreds of smart phone photos of your pets.  Why would you want professional, high quality images of your dog, cat or horse?

Whether you post them to social media, like Instagram or Facebook, or hang them on your wall at home, professional photos are the perfect way to capture your relationship with your favourite furry friend!

I have heard many reasons why we put off a pet photography session.  I would like to share some of the most common reasons that I have heard over the past 12 months.

My pet will misbehave and has to be on leash the whole time

The most common misconception that people have is their pets will not behave during the photo shoot.  Worse still they are concerned that their pet will need to be photographed with their leash.  Seventy per cent of my pet photography sessions occur with their leash on.

I bet you didn’t know that most dogs that I photograph are untrained and on-leash during the session? Sure there are moments where we can let them off to run around and explore the area.  But during the actual photo shoot it is safer to have the do on-leash (which is paramount for me),.  At the end of the day, you’re paying for a dedicated professional to get amazing photos of your pet – which means you get to sit back, relax and let me deal with all the details.

Worried about the leash?  Do not be!!  Thankfully I am an expert operator of Photoshop so I have the ability to edit them out of the photo.  In the end it will look like your pet was free standing.   Here Paris has had his leash removed in Photoshop.

portrait of french bulldog

Your pets are only with you for a limited time

It is easy to think that you will have an eternity with your pets.  They will be with you for years.

That is what I thought as well.  My boxer, Cucciolo, was an active and young at heart dog.  Back than I never thought that I would spend any part of my life without him.

Suddenly without any warning I trip to the vet revealed the likelihood that he was suffering from stomach cancer.

We would only spend a couple more days together before he was humanely put down.  It was a huge shock.  I was left in total disbelief.  I also was left without many photos of him and certainly regretted not having any professional pet photos with him and the family.

You never know how long that you will have with your pets.  Enjoy every moment that you have with your pets.  Importantly don’t delay booking your session because your dog, cat or horse are young or apparently healthy as you never know what is just around the corner.

It does not matter how long that you have had your dog or cat for.  At some point, you’ll have to say goodbye, and when you do, you’ll be grateful to have photos to look back on.

My pet is timid, scared, camera shy, or not comfortable with strangers.

I would be a millionaire if I paid by the quote “my pet is timid, scared or camera shy”.  I get it, no one likes to have a camera stuck in their face, particularly dogs and cats.  It is a foreign object which is quite threatening.

Pet photography requires some knowledge of pet behaviour and body language.  Therefore, being cognisant of their body language and sensitive to their needs is the first step to successful pet photography.

Your pet photography session generally takes place in an unusual location and with people that your pet has not met before.  Having a knowledge of doggy and cat behaviour through years of being a pet owner has placed me in an delicate position where I can get the best out of your dog or cat that does not involve them feeling out of their comfort zone.

But some days it just does not work no matter how hard I try.

I have learnt that it is important to not push through the barrier of no return where they are just terrified.  That is when prefer to end the session and put in place PLAN B.  Plan B rarely gets invoked with my pet sessions as I like to spend the time to get to know your pet at the start of the photography session.

Harley and Kaiser both pose while sitting down

I want to be in the photos too, but I’m not confident in front of the camera.

We like in the selfie era.  But it does not make us confidence in front of someone else’s camera.

My photo sessions are fun and relaxed.  They are not formal, posed sessions that can be stuffy and fake.  I find it that if you find the session a fun and relaxed experience you will enjoy it and forget that you are in front of the camera.

Through my candid photographic style all that you need to do is smile occasionally and laugh and enjoy your time with your pet.  It will show in the resulting images that you have with your pets.

We will talk about how you want to be portraited in your images.  You might prefer to be formally posed with your pets, our to be captured through a silhouette or have a very shallow depth of field where you appear all fuzzy and blurred out.

Alternatively, you may choose to not be in your pet photography photos.

Many of my clients only want shots of their pets.  At the end of the day it is your pet photography session and you call the shots.

A family with their favourite pet

Pets grow and change quickly

Ever brought home a puppy or kitten?  You know how quickly they grow up and how quickly the baby stages fade. Pet photography is a perfect way to capture your pet during the different stages of their life from puppy stage, to teenager to older dog.  There is nothing better than those beautiful images of your pets when they were young which allows you to look back at those adorable images when your pet is in its adult years.

A beautiful moment between dog and owner

Now is the perfect time to arrange a pet photography session as enjoy the beautiful springs days that are getting longer.

Why do not your contact me to arrange a non-cheesy consultation.

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