Behind the scenes of a pet photoshoot

What happens during a pet photography session?

Pet photography is an exciting opportunity for both the pets and the furparent(s).  There is a lot of excitement leading up to the session which culminates with the delivery of beautiful wall art from the session that can be admired for years to come.

But have you ever wondered what exactly happens during the pet photography session?

Today I want to raise the curtain and clarify what goes on behind the scenes of a pet photography session at Moist Nose Pet Photography.

From the first time that you reach out to the delivery of your prints and wall art there are a number of steps involved.

Behind the scenes of a pet photoshoot

It all starts with an introduction

The session is usually the first time that I meet the furparents and their pets.

However, before the session, I like to have a pre-consultation chat with the furparent where I get to know more about the pet.  Importantly, I like to establish what the breed of the pet is? How old they are? Their level of obedience and training.  This information will help to tailor the photo session to meet the photo objectives of the furparents.  We talk briefly about session options, products, and pricing to remove any of the potential surprises.

It is also during this pre-consultation chat that schedules the photo session and selects the location of the photoshoot.

By the time the photo session comes round I feel like I have got to know the pet quite well.  But it is at the session that I meet them in person.  I like to spend the first 10 minutes getting to know the pet and letting them get familiar with my gear, especially if I am bringing lights.

I like to have a little bit of playtime as they are the best moments and sets the photo session up for success.

During the photo session, I will talk to the furparent and determine whether the pets will be on-leash or off-leash during the session.

I’ll also ask again whether your pet has any dietary restrictions or allergies as well as any physical ailments that I should take note of as I like to use treats and take action shoot during my photo sessions.

Ultimately your pet’s safety is paramount during my sessions.

What I have found out since working with animals is the best plans never eventuate.  I like to allude to the fact that plans will probably deviate somewhat since we’re working with animals and how’s that’s normal and to be expected – not something to worry about.

This is also the time that the furparents have their last questions.

I am also watching and making judgements about the pet’s personality and how their interactions with family members.

We then move into the best bit of the afternoon – playtime and the photo session.

It’s playtime – the photo session

While I am at the location during the introduction I am scouting it to determine good spots for different photos and where lighting is best.

The need for different locations is important to insurance I get a variety of images and different backgrounds as well as ensuring that your pet does not get bored at the photoshoot.

Kaiser posing at the lake

Here is where I will give tips on where to stand and how to hold the leash to minimise post-production work.  I will also for you to interact with the pet to try to mimic more natural shots of you and your pets.

It’s important during this time for your energy to be calm and not to stress out over the little things like your dog not looking or standing where you want them to. Your pets will pick up on this stress and it will impact the way they will interact with the photographer.

Your dog will not behave the whole time.  It’s inevitable. Your dog won’t cooperate fully the entire time and that’s fine. I prepare for and expect that.  That is where the treats will come into their own.

I am aiming to make the session as fun as possible with amazing photos of your pets and you with them.

During the whole photo session, we’ll also be taking multiple breaks. I call these little play breaks or a chance for exploring breaks- whatever type of break that your pet may need.

These breaks give your dog a chance to run, play and be their doggy selves. They are a chance to relieve stress so they do not become uncooperative.

They also give me the chance to take some candid shots of your pet interacting with its furparents or just running around wading in water.

After an hour to an hour and a half, the photo session comes to an end and everyone travels home.

By this time I have also given a rough lifetime as to when the images will be ready as well as the next steps.

But my job has not finished.

After the photo session

The first thing that I do on returning home is backing up the images, downloading them into lightroom and culling the misfocused images.

I will give a basic edit to my favourite images, which I will upload into an online gallery.  Depending on the availability of the furparent, I will have a reveal session within two to three weeks or I will make the online gallery available to them to select their favourite images.

Lightroom - editing images

It is at the reveal session that we will select the best images, discuss prints and wall art options.  Prints and wall art options are ordered after the reveal session and within six weeks the beautiful prints and wall order arrives.

And that is it.  That is the behind the scenes of a Canberra pet photography session with me happens.  I hope that you enjoyed it and now have a better idea of what to expect during one of these sessions.

If you would like to book a session with Moist Nose Pet photography and have your own pet photography session, please contact me here.

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