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The reasons why you don’t want to leave your photo session with only digital images

Deciding what to purchase from your pet photography session can be a daunting experience.  You can be faced with a myriad of different options that range from albums, matted prints, canvas wall art, acrylic wall mounts, digital images just to mention a few.

It is so easy to just walk away with the most basic package – digital images.

The sad reality is when you leave your photo session with only digital images you may be walking away with nothing at all beyond a few images that may be shared on social media.

Technology is ever-changing and becoming obsolete quickly

You do not have to go back very far to remember the floppy disk – 1.44MB of storage for your digital images.  It did not take long for the floppy disk to be superseded by CDs and USB drives.  Today, you are lucky to find computers that have UBS ports and you are highly unlikely to find a computer with a CD drive.

Technology changes

Canberra Pet Photographer - Hard drive is becoming obsolete

What do you do with your USB drive of images then!!!

Unfortunately, your images on the USB drive or CD end up in the same place as other redundant IT equipment – just gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.  That is if you can find them.

So do you where your USB drive is being kept?  Are they kicking around in the bottom of drawers with dead batteries or those unidentified keys?  Generally, it is a resounding yes and most of us are guilty of letting our memories fall into this disrepair.

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the way that we are consuming media.  Even if you find an old USB drive there is no guaranteeing that your precision memories will be viewable.  Apple removed USB ports from their full range of computers in 2018 and replaced them with thunderbolt ports.  Windows machines are also going the way to replacing USB ports with USB-C ports in order to improve performance.

Canberra Pet Photographer - USBs becoming obsolete

One might get around the changing technology through the use of cloud storage.  However, it is getting more expensive to maintain our images in the cloud, especially with google photos are removing unlimited storage from its plans.  However, for most people, the cloud is the equivalent of the digital graveyard as images are lost amongst the thousands of others. 

When you load up your jpegs on your USBs you might just be in for a surprise.  While jpegs have been the format of choice for the past 19 years, there is no guarantee that the format will be in existence in another 19 years.

Technology breaks

Unfortunately, technology also breaks and fails.  Hard drives with their spinning parts will fail at some stage in the future leaving you with a costly exercise to recover the images – if they are in fact recoverable.  Phones are droppable and are prone to breaking.  Cloud storage is up to the whim of its owners leaving your photos hostage to any change in policy.  Just ask Google Photos owners.

Nothing lasts forever…..and when technology fails your photos and precious memories are the first casualty.  Depending on your backup strategy, they may be lost forever.

Is that the risk that you are prepared to take with your memories?  Those precious images of your newborns, your wedding or your first pets.

How you choose to consume your images?

One of the most reasons heard by photographers why their clients require digital files is to allow them to post their images on social media or send them to grandma on the other side of the country.

But just because you share your images digitally via social media does not mean that you should not print your images!

We are constantly bombarded with digital media through social media.  Around 1.8 billion images are uploaded every single day, mostly to Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.  It is easy for your digital images to get lost amongst the other 1.8 billion images that are swiped away and quickly forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong, digital images have their place especially to send to relatives that live a long way away from you.  A Pinterest mood board is also something that you establish for inspiration for your forthcoming pet photography photo session.

We all love to share our images on social media.  I especially do.  However, at Moist Nose Pet Photography the sharing of digital images is a secondary function of the images that I take, which should take pride of joy on the walls of the family home.  A place where everyone can enjoy the prints when they come home or come to visit.

As a Canberra pet photographer, I will provide complimentary digital images that have been optimized for Facebook and Instagram with my packages, so you can also share the images as well as enjoy the prints basking in their glory on the walls of the family home.

Surely a win for all!!

Prints are enjoyed by everyone

Canberra pet photographer - lounge room wall ar

A digital image is composed of pixels and most users encounter a file format that comes directly from the camera.  If it does not come in a file friendly format you will not be able to view the content.

This digital data is not a photograph.  It is exactly that – data.  A series of 1 and 0 that computers will interpret.  So what do you do with all this digital data – unfortunately it is generally kept on a hard drive or kept in the cloud.

Given the volume of digital images kept on hard drives or in the cloud, they are easily forgotten.

Your professional photographer will convert this data into a digital image for sharing or convert it into a photograph.  A print.

Something that can be placed on a coffee table in the form of an album or on a wall so everyone, including family and visitors, can enjoy it.

How often do you get your phone out and swipe through digital images whenever someone comes over.  I bet not very often.

Prints are tangible, something that you can touch and feel.  Nothing can replace the tactile feeling of a print on photographic paper.  A print hung up on the wall is a piece of art.  It is something that will remain stylish and fashionable for decades to come.

Canberra Pet Photographer -Mockup-bedroom with wall art

Just like your wedding prints remain hung around the house, your pet photograph images will be timeless art pieces, especially a

Yet, placing your precious memories of your pets on the wall, I guarantee your visitors will pause, express an opinion or just enjoy your wall prints.  It is something that you can stop and admire every single day.

Most of us love to beautify our homes with art—and photographs make wonderful home décor.  The printed image gives us the opportunity to see those cherished memories every day.

The other advantage of prints is they can be passed on from generation to generation as they are printed on archival paper that is guaranteed to last for 70 years.  Prints become heirlooms.

Your favourite moment will be remembered long after you have gone.

Time does not stay still for anyone.  Memories are just that.  Something that cannot be rewritten or reviewed again.  This is why our favourite memories need to be preserved in print.

Why get wall art?

Your favourite Canberra pet photographer wants to frame those memories on canvas or within a wooden frame.  Why?

  • You can enjoy your beautiful images every day of your life;
  • You can take them anywhere with you;
  • Portraits and prints can be passed down for generations
  • Prints are timeless, intimate, and live your everyday world alongside with you;
  • Wall art transforms your house into a home;
  • nothing beats the nostalgia of flipping through a physical photo album.

Is it time to transform your house into a home or update your pet images to record those memorable moments? Get in contact with Moist Nose Pet Photography to discuss your requirements.

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