Dog running in a park

Selecting a location for your pet photography session – Canberra Pet Photographer

Location. Location location may be the buzz word in real estate, but it is also an important catch phrase for pet photography.

Here in Canberra we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful locations

The ideal location will also enhance your photographs and take them to the next level.  Something that you will proudly display on your walls for many years.

An important part of my job is finding locations that fit exactly what you’re looking for.

But before you select your preferred location, there are four points that you should consider first.

Four hints for selecting a location for your pet photo session

Where you go the most

Is there is a special place where you enjoy spending time with your pets?  These can be the best locations for your pets as this is where they feel extremely comfortable and familiar with the surroundings.  Especially if your dog or pet is timid or nervous about new surroundings or new people.

If they do not feel comfortable and relaxed in a particular location, it will come through in your photos.

This location is also likely to be more pet-friendly and be safer for your pets, which is my top priority during our time together.  The location should never take precedence over an animal’s welfare.

If you have a favourite park or like going around the lake, let your photographer know that these areas are special to you and your pets.

Your pet’s favourite location

Do you have a favourite location in mind?  It may be a place that you do not go to often, but the area holds special significance for you and your pets.

I like to encourage my pet parents to first think of places that they enjoy spending time with their pets, places where their pets are at their happiest.

Perhaps it is a park that you went to for the very first time or even a café in an urban setting that your spend your Saturday mornings at.  Including your pet’s favourite hang-out into your session make the final images more memorable.

You should let your photographer know if these areas hold special meaning for you and your pets.

If you have a favourite location in mind, you should suggest that to your photographer as with some advance warning and the benefit of a reconnaissance visit, they should be able to make it work for you.

Dog running in a park

Your home’s decor

One of the aspects which is the most forgotten when considering a pet photography session is your home décor.

Most of my clients are very interested in showing their images on their walls via canvas or acrylic wall mounts.  They also have in mind where they want to show their newly acquired wall art pieces whether it is in living room or in the dining room.

As a result, it is important that you have in mind your home décor when considering the photo shoot.  If your home is modern and architecturally designed with elegant furniture then an urban setting may be the preferred locations, whereas if your home is cottage like than a photo shoot in a park or around the lake may be more suited.

If you can tie in with the photo shoot with your overall design aesthetic of the house, the wall art will be more appropriate and your wall art will most likely to be more stunning.

You photographer’s suggestions

Your pet photographer has probably been photographing around Canberra for many years.  Therefore, they will be aware of how the season, time of day, weather, and even popularity of a location will impact on a photo shoot or work for your session.

As a result, there are a variety of factors that I consider when I go location scouting.  Importantly a good location must have visual interest and must also have multiple areas within the one location where great images can be taken.

As outlined earlier, safely for your pet is also paramount when considering a potential location.  Can the pet be safely photographed off-leash or should the photo shoot be mostly on-leash? Btw, it is okay if your dog can’t be let off-leash, 90% of the dogs I photograph aren’t! Leashes and people are always edited out of the final image.

These are the four key points to keep in mind when considering a photo shoot.  Importantly, keep communications channels open with your photographer when selecting a potential location.

If you select a park which I know does not have much visual interest, I will suggest an alternative venue as ultimately, I want you to have the best possible images from the photo session.

If you want to book a session, please contact me here to arrange a non-salesy consultation and a photo session after the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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