Quin and Jasper photo session – Canberra pet photographer

Warning: this post include two adorable Lakeland terriers.

I love photographing excitable and adventurous pooches with their family, and when there is more than one it is double the fun.

Jasper and Quin are two Lakeland Terriers that were 11 and 13 years. You could not tell as they were both full of energy and vitality. It was difficult to keep them still for more than a couple of minutes. Jasper and Quin arrived at the photo shoot at Weston Park ready and raring to go. It did not take much encouragement to pose for the camera.

It also did not take long for Jasper and Quin to find the water. Darting straight for it even before I could get my camera out. Once in, it was difficult to keep them out of it. Typical little terriers, they terrorised some sticks that were thrown into the water.

It was not all fun and water games with Jasper and Quin. There was the serious business of portraits and they looked absolutely amazing as brother and sister. Even though they were 11 and 13 years old respectively, Jasper and Quin came with two modes ON or very much ON.

It was difficult to say goodbye to both Jasper and Quin as they were full of energy, happy, and were a joy to photograph. They had a full personality that was matched by their boldness and inquisitive behaviour. If every photo session is as enjoyable as this one, it will be hard to argue that I do not have the best job in the world. Both Jasper and Quin were very tired afterwards, but also extremely happy from an exciting afternoon out.

Without further ado, please scroll down to see some of my favourite highlights for their session.

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