A Jack Russell posing with

Paws in the park

This year I ran Paws in the Park in Commonwealth Park in Canberra with the aim of photographing as many furbabies as I could in one afternoon.  It was going to be puppy heaven.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel several times due to terrible weather.  In the end, I ran the Paws in the Park over several weekends and over several time sessions.  I was very happy with the number of puppies over the course of the campaign.

The most popular dog over the campaign was the standard poodle where I photographed three over the three-week period.  I could not separate the furbabies when it came to the cutest as each of them had something cute about them.

The most mischievous award was a tough award to allocate.  However, I think that it goes to Colby the Jack Russell.  Some of his facial expressions during the photo were just golden.

Jack Russell sitting up with graffiti in the background

The best fancy dress award had to go to Paris Hilton, the Chihuahua, who came to the photoshoot in this absolute cute dress that made her look adorable. Second prize when to Harley who came to the photoshoot with green and red ankles.  The contrast with the greenery was amazing.

Standard Poodle with dyed ankles Chihuahua wearing a dress

Panic of the day award also went to Colby the Jack Russell when a momentary lapse resulted in Colby doing what Jack Russells do best and that was chasing a couple of rabbits that were feasting on the green grass.  We all jumped to chase after Colby and it took my squeaky pink pig to draw Colby back.  Colby was proud of punch for what he had achieved.

Jack Russell with a reflection


Where are my eyes award when to Mishka.  My sony Alpha7RIV, which has animal eye focus, was struggling to make out where her eyes were because the hair was covering her eyes.

Sisters standing on a log

I am not standing still award went to Mia the 6 month old German Shepherd.  Mia so was cute that it made up for being a little disinterested in the photo session.

A German Shepherd posing

I had a fantastic time with Paws in the Park and met many cute puppies. It is something that I would like to run again in 2022 and hopefully meet more puppies.

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