Hello Handsome Fenrir the husky!!

I got to hang out with Fenrir, a gorgeous blue-eyed husky with a large and infectious personality. Mikael has had Fenrir since he was a pup.

We met at Weston Park on a slightly cloudy afternoon. I could not wait to take some photos around the lake and around the pond. Fenrir was excited about what was going on around him and it did not take long for him to perform. He posed beautifully for the camera, making this pet photography session both exciting and interesting.

We got to get almost 1.5 hours in before the sun set. I also go to cuddle and play in-between taking photos. He was very active for a seven-month pooch. Being a very intelligent dog, he was often, however, easily distracted by all the goings-on around him. It took a quick run to refocus and we were off again.

He is a beautiful looking dog , I enjoyed photographing him. Thanks Mikael, for introducing me to your dog, I loved every minute of it!

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