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Canberra Pet photographer - Gracie Pet photography session

When I first come across Gracie for her Canberra pet photography session after she had just been perfectly groomed by Isabel’s Dog Groomers at Phillip, Canberra.

I recently partnered with Isabel’s Dog Groomers where I also donated a prize of a Canberra pet photography photo session for a Canberra and district furparent and their pets.  It had been a tough year with Covid restrictions in the ACT and the prize offered a wonderful opportunity to get your dog groomed and some fantastic pet portraits.

The lucky family to win my donated price was Helen Reardon and her Shetland Sheepdog (or Sheltie for short), Gracie.   After a few nervous moments for Gracie to get to know me before we launched into the photo session at the National Museum.  With Gracie there was Helen, her husband, and also her daughter, Jess.  The only person missing from the family was Helen’s son.

I knew from the moment that they all poured out of the car that it was going to be another sensational photo session.  Gracie was full of energy and was ready to explore the area around the National Museum.

Canberra pet photographer - Gracie posing formally

With their prize, the Reardon family also received 5 digital images from the photo session.  We pre-discussed what their family was after as they were also interested in using the digital images for a piece of wall art in their renovated home.  That helped to shape the photo session and the areas to take the photos.

We included single portraits of Gracie both off the leash and on the leash, which helps to destroy the concerns that people have about taking images of their pets on leash.  We also included portraits of Gracie with individual family members, especially with Mum.


Canberra pet photographer - Headshot of Gracie

One thing that I like to include as part of my Canberra pet photography sessions is some formal portraits.  I like to get out of the way nice and early so we can focus on the fun part of the photo session.  These are the candid images with Gracie with her furparents or some action shots of Gracie walking or running.  This is when I find that dogs really cooperate as they are so eager to please everyone.


It was such a gorgeous afternoon making golden hour photography coated in a beautiful yellow.  It made it very difficult for the Reardon family to select their favourite five images that were part of the prize.

Canberra Pet Photographer - Gracie posing near the lake edge

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