Young kitten sitting on het scratching pad


Most frequent questions and answers

I first picked up a camera when I was 14 years old.  I chased all the animals around the backyard taking their portraits.  I put the camera down while my family was young and I was driven by my various sports that I was pursuing.  After a cycling accident put me in hospital for three months and a specialist told me to pick up another hobby, I returned to my photography passion. 

I photograph most common types of pets, including dogs, cats and horses.  However, I have been known to also photograph the odd reptile like lizards and snakes.  I am open to photograph almost any type of pet.  Just ask. 

I have always had a deep admiration for animals.  Due to my accident we have not had the opportunity to replace our family loved boxer.  I now spend my time loving other people’s animals and pets. 

I prefer to allocate my session time to golden hours either during the week or on weekends.  This way we are guaranteed to use the sensational light to flatter the pet’s that I am photographing.

I specialise in portraiture that is unique to you and your loved-ones.  As a result, I prefer to photograph your pets in your home environment as this is where they are the most relaxed and will show their true characters. 

However, if you have a special place where you’d like to photograph, such as the arboretum or Lake Burley Griffin, I am happy to discuss it as an option.

Refer to pricing for details on your expected investment.

Each photo session allows up to two pets.  However, if you have more pets they can be accommodated.  I am happy to discuss your needs.  It may require more than one photo session if you have a large number of animals. 

However, if you have a special place where you’d like to photograph,, such as the arboretum or Lake Burley Griffin, I am happy to discuss it as an option.

Absolutely and this is encouraged!!  Your pets are an extension of your family. I photograph people quite often and love capturing the bond between pet and owner and/or pet and child.  Discuss with me how I can accommodate your family needs as part of the photo session. 

We’ll discuss this during your pre-consult, but each session is unique.  I generally start with your pet getting comfortable with me and the gear. 

Each session generally lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.  This includes  photographing, taking breaks, playing, and breakdown of equipment. I will not be photographing for 3 hours straight.

Digital files form part of the different packages that I sell.  The number of digital files that you will receive will depend on the package that you purchase. 

If I am taking individual images of your pet, I may ask you to stay nearby so your pet feels comfortable and not alert. However, at other times I may ask that the owner allow me to work completely alone with his/her pet in order that I may have the pet’s undivided attention.  I believe in open and constant communication, as such I will be sure to communicate with you during the entire process.

The type of lighting that I use will be depend on the day of the photo sessions.  If I am faced with amazing natural light at your place or the park, I will rely on that light.  However, at times I may have to break out the studio lights to ensure that the lighting brings out the character of your pet. 

I use professional quality digital camera and over time I have invested in quality lens and equipment, such as computers, and lighting equipment, which enable me to realise my overall creative vision.At the moment I use Nikon camera and variety lens from NIKKOR, Tamron and Sigma.  However, I may break out my trusty Nikon film camera for a few shots. 

Animals are like human in that they have a unique personality.  That is what makes the photo session so interesting. I  have loads of patience and I will give every ounce of it during your session.  Depending on the environment, I may ask that the dog or cat remain on their leash.  I have expert photoshop skills to remove the leash from the photograph. 

Definitely not.  It is important that your pet remains safe at all times.  Furthermore, locations outside the home may not permit off-leash photography.  Therefore, it is advisable to bring a leash for your pet. 


Around two weeks after the photo session takes place, I will ask you to come in to review the images via web gallery preview..  From the consultation session you will have the opportunity to place your order. 

No, it will depend on the package that you purchase.  In order to enjoy you images from years to come I encourage you to purchase wall art such as a wall canvas, acrylic photos or framed prints.

The number of images will vary to specific photo sessions.  While I may take a couple hundred images during a session, they will be carefully edited down so you only see the best photographs. I always provide a large sampling of imagery from which to choose (typically 30-50 images in quantity).

I am a portrait photographer.  I specialise in portrait photography, including adults and children, babies, families, maternity, and pets. I have a deep passion for creating portraits that show the genuine connection between people and their loved ones.