Family studio session with Basenjis – Canberra Pet Photography

It was wonderful to Ponturo family with their two Basenjis – Oden and Loki – at my studio in Franklin, Canberra.  It was my first family studio shoot with Basenjis (or even pets) and it was wonderful to offer that to Katrina and her family.  

I will let you into a little secret and I am sure that Katrina won’t mind telling you all – there was a little nervousness about the photo shoot given it was the first time that Loki and Oden had been photographed in a studio.  

On the contrary, the photo session could not have gone any more smoothly with both dogs showing no fear in front of the flash.  They took some time out to explore the surrounding, but that is not so different from that of an outdoor session where dogs like to explore and sniff the area where photographs are taking place.    

Scarlett did not take any encouragement to get into position and call over her favourite dog for a little one-on-one time with the camera.  The photos with the black background were just gorgeous with Scarlett and Oden.  

As Basenjis, they just love to hang out with people and it was no different with these dogs. Unfortunately because of the new surroundings, I had to work overtime to get the dogs to look at the camera.  

Single portraits of the kids with their puppies are always part of a pet photoshoot and just look at how gorgeous Scarlett came up! 

Oden and Loki were just supawstars!!

I could not help but use the opportunity to take a couple of photos of Scarlett and her Mum to celebrate the end of the photo session.  

Mum and her daugther

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