Buster the French Bulldog – Canberra Pet Photographer

Recently I had the honour of photographing Buster, a 3-year French Bulldog, and his family at the National Museum in Canberra. It was a glorious day after a week of ordinary weather and eight weeks of lockdown.

We had so much fun during our photo and I am sure that I could have kept photography Buster for hours as he was a SUPERSTAR and was so photogenic.  He was so eager to please and did almost everything I had asked of him without any issues.  It did not that we had plenty of time on our hand that we could stop for treats and plenty of pats.  Buster did enjoy his treats!

Black french bulldog portrait

Black french bulldog with head tilted

Black french bulldog portrait

We played in the grass, walked along the lake edge, and scrambled on the jetty furniture.

The National Museum at Acton is such a beautiful location especially when you get an energetic dog like Buster who wanted to explore and frolic amongst the trees and along the lake’s edge.

Adam and Lisa have done a fantastic job in creating a wonderful balanced, happy, and friendly dog.  Buster just loved posing with Nate and Torri at every opportunity that we got.  I especially liked the photos of the kids in the woodland.  He particularly loved when Nate took him for a run to ensure that we got some action shoots.

Just check out some of the portraits from the pet photography session.

Black french bulldog with family

Black french bulldog with boy

Black french bulldog with family

At the end of the session, I could have bundled Buster up in my camera bag and taken him home to my kids as he was just so adorable.  I am sure you would understand after you have seen the photos of Buster, the gorgeous french bulldog.

Black french bulldog standing at lake burley griffin

Black french bulldog

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