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Belconnen Dog Obedience Club – Tricks competition

With unpredictable weather forecasted for the evening, Friday night was going to be an interesting competition for dogs entered into the Belconnen Dog Obedience Club tricks competition. There was a large range of dog breeds entered into the competition with border collies being a popular breed.  However, there were also papillons, german shepherds, Belgium shepherds, pugs, golden retrievers, cardigan corgis, Shibu and whippets just to name a few of the breeds entered.     

There was lots of excitement leading up to the start of competition amongst competitors and their handlers.  I am not sure who was more nervous – the dogs or their handlers.  

Tricks is a relatively new competition but it did not stop people from entering the competition.  Competition entries closed in near-record time.  The competition was fierce with competitors coming from NSW and Victoria to compete amongst a strong local contingent.  With a large number of entrants to the competition, there were two rings operating concurrently.  I was covering the starters and novice entrants at my ring.  

Before the competition started I did a walk around the BDOC yard taking some portraits of the very cute furbabies.  Their handlers were only too happy to show some of the tricks that they were going to show when the competition started.  Here are some of my favourite portraits from the evening.  

Pug sitting dowm 2 border collies sitting down 2 border collies bowing border collie cross and a beagle sitting down border collie cross 2 dogs sitting pretty A dachshund standing in a pose

Thankfully competition commenced at 6pm as it was a warm day for competing dogs.  The build-up of the storm clouds also made things a little cooler down.  The lightning and thunder that came later in the night kept dogs on their toes.  

Here are some of the competitors and handlers performing during the competition.  Even though many of these dogs were new starters they were still able to perform admirably.   

Belgium Shepherd with her handler Belgium Shepherd runs to a jump Border collie sitting carefully Bollie collie being very proud Border collie standing for 5 seconds Border collie between the legs of competitor Cardigan corgi in first competition Cardigan corgi doing circles Cardigan corgi going between handlers legs.

It was a very late night for the organisers who left after midnight knowing that they had pulled off a very successful event.   I am sure competitors will also be eagerly waiting for the next scheduled tricks event. 

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