Poodle dancing with handler

Belconnen Dog Obedience Club – Dances with dogs competition

After a very late night, many of the competitors and judges fronted up early the next morning to compete in Belconnen Dog Obedience Club Dances with Dogs competition.  The day consisted of two trials and two elements – freestyle and healwork to music. 

Competitors mingled around Flynn Community Hall (Flynn) nervously waiting for the competition to commence.  Dances with Dogs is one of my favourite dog competitions as it involves handlers and their dogs demonstrating a skillful, choreographed routine, performed to music.  Not only that, handlers dress up in fantastic costumes and use beautifully procured props to go with the music.  

With around 25 entrants and handlers, it was going to be a big day of competition for dogs. The competition catered for all levels ranging from novice to advanced and levels in between.   Thankfully, we were indoors and not outside as the heavens opened up just as the competition started.  It rained off and on for several hours before the sun finally broke through.  The cooler conditions were welcomed by dogs and their handlers.   

The competition was tough for the local dogs with several interstate competitors entering into the competition.  It was not going to be a stroll in the park to win Dances with Dogs with time round.  

One of the competitors with her dog Bella the border collie A husky sitting down A red border collie sitting down English spaniel quietly sitting

This was the second Dances with Dogs competition that I have covered for Belconnen Dog Obedience Club. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and managed to get some fantastic images from the day’s competition.  Here are some of my favourite images from the day’s competition.

Handler with her pampillon DWD handler with her husky Dog following stick DWD routine Poodle jumping through arm hoop Poodle dancing with handler

Pet photography definitely has its benefits when you cover events such as tricks or Dances with Dogs.  Spectators were treated to an enjoyable day watching the dogs perform and marveling at their achievements.  I was totally amazed by all the performers, however, it was the advanced dogs and their handlers that I was in total ore off.  They performed some amazing feats and tricks and worked in unison with their handlers.  Talk about wow moments.  

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