An afternoon with three Cardigan Welsh Corgis – Canberra Pet Photographer

The day started like any that would frustrate a pet photographer – overcast with little sunlight.  Things did start to improve as the day went on and just before my photo session with a family of three Cardigan Welsh Corgis, the sun started to peek through the clouds.

Surprisingly it was quite a cool afternoon even though we were still in summer.

The corgis showed up with beautiful bandanas ready to pose for the camera.  We met at the ramp near the National Museum of Australia in Action, Canberra.  That was the perfect place to started to take from family and individual portraits.   This photo is one of the special moments that will be with the family forever.  What was special was seeing each of the dogs with their tongues out suggesting that they were enjoying the photo shoot.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis sitting with their tongues out


The National Museum is a fantastic place to take images.  There were many different locations around the ramp to take photos.  One of my favourite is this photo of the photo of Sully, Zimny and Inari together amongst the trees.  I know that this is the type of photos that fur-parents will like to hang on their walls to admire for years to come.  It would hang perfectly in the family lounge room or even in the bedroom to admire when you wake up each day.

Zimri and Sully were the real characters of the photo session.  Zimri was the performer happy to show his full range of tricks while Sully was the joker willing to perform in an amusing manner.  Here they are both sitting up nicely on the jetty down by the ramp at the National Museum.  Just as the sun was about to set, the light was absolutely stunning.

Two corgi brothers sitting together

I managed to get a beautiful photo of these three amigos down by the lake’s edge.  The change of scenery is another one of the timeless pieces that would look great hanging on the wall.

Corgis sitting on the lake edge

Contact Alistair here if you would like to also have some photos taken of your extended furbaby family.

Two corgis at the standing on the bench seat during golden hour three Cardigan Welsh Corgis standing Cardigan Welsh Corgis sitting down together amongst the trees

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